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This section, written on behalf of the Editorial Board, provides the reader with ideas that are at the forefront of the foundations of global citizenship and global learning, including challenges and new perspectives.

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Images, art, and photos (and a variety of medium) collected in events to visually create the synergy between people, ideas and contexts.

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This section explores ways of teaching and learning, including contents for global citizenship and global learning, curriculum and instruction, and evaluation indicators.

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The role of universities is crucial for the development of global citizenship education worldwide. This section will focus on educational experiences in higher education institutions, teaching, research, teachers’ training, professional training, programs and extensions.

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Avant-garde cartoons with poetic-philosophical and/or political content, asserting that humor, as a universal common good, is necessary to struggle for a better world.

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These stories provide a pulse for what is happening in a given region of the world, which are pursuing transformations in education with an emphasis on global citizenship education and sustainability. One of the premises of the Global Commons Review is that we need a vigorous multilateralism to implement global citizenship education.

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Topics in this section are related to the work and activities of the UNESCO as an organization, its representative bodies and their institutional partners.

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The voices of youth resonate in all quarters and their voices are needed now more than ever. This section will record youth leadership experiences and their critical vision on contemporary society and the future of the planet, people and peace.

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