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This section, written on behalf of the Editorial Board, provides the reader with ideas that are at the forefront of the foundations of global citizenship and global learning, including challenges and new perspectives.

Global Understanding and Global Citizenship Keynote Speech for the Closing Ceremony of the International Year of Global Understanding (IYGU) ¹
19 February 2019

Introduction The International Year of Global Understanding was proclaimed by the International Science Councils of the Social (ISSC), Natural (ICSU), and Human sciences (CIPSH). Why are such important international councils advocating for the IYGU, brought to life by the powerful writings and pract...

Global citizenship as a new ethics in the world system
19 February 2019

Invariably citizenship education is related to ethics and morality, and the politics of culture and official knowledge of the nation-state responsible for public education. Global citizenship education is different because it plays a role in the global system and does not depend on the politics of a...

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