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Article Submission Guidlines for Authors:

We welcome submissions from all corners of the planet, in all languages, related to the Global Citizenship Education. We especially seek submissions that report on new projects on Global Citizenship Education and focus on crucial issues that deserve specific attention as well as policies of interest for the future of a global commons.
We ask that written articles are in the range of 1,000-2,000 words, follow APA citation guidelines, and include any charts, tables, and/or visuals in text. We also invite submissions in non-written form such as paintings, comics, photography, and other artistic mediums."

The Editorial Board will review your submission. You can submit your article through the Article Submission yellow button on our home page. If you need help, please Contact Us.

  • Article Length: 1000-1,500 words.
  • Font Size: 12pt.
  • Citations: Optional.
  • Title/Affiliation: Please include your title and institutional affiliation.
  • 2 Photos: Please include a photo of yourself and a photo representative of the article.
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ISSN 2475-6687 (Print)
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